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Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services
Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services
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Flowmeters offer various process input, output and serial communication options which enable them to be embedded into

process control systems. Due to their flexibility, flowmeters, that we use for providing Ultrasonic flow measurement services,

can also be installed in non-standard surroundings.

We also offer training which is available to flowmeter buyers and it can be carried out on-site or - if preferred - at our in-house

training facilities. The training sessions typically consist of:

  • Classroom lectures on the theory of clamp-on flow measurement

  • Introduction to the flowmeters series and their operation

  • Guidelines on sensor mounting and positioning

  • Supervised on-site installation practice

  • Question and answer session

  • Issuing of certificates for employee training records

Industries where Ultrasonic Flow Measurement find extensive usage are:

1) Water Supply & Wastewater Services:

  • Monitoring of water mains and supply lines

  • Controlling of chemical dosing

  • Valve and pump controlling

  • Raw water monitoring

  • Sludge metering

2) Manufacturing & Process Industries:

  • Consumption and discharge monitoring

  • Permanent monitoring of cooling lines

  • Plastic molding machine systems

  • Controlling of HVAC systems

  • Product identification

  • Process automation

  • Injection controlling

3) Aircraft & Aerospace Industries:

  • Fuel distribution measurements

  • Hydraulic flow measurements

4) Marine & Shipbuilding:

  • Inline flow meter performance verification

  • Inspection of fire extinguisher systems

  • Pump and valve testing and inspection

5) Power Generation:

  • Feed water, cooling water and condensate flow metering

  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification

  • Leakage and blockage detection

  • Metering of fly ash disposal lines

  • Heavy fuel oil metering

6) Building Services:

  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification

  • Measurements on water supply and disposal lines

  • Boiler plant and air conditioning controlling

  • Balancing of heating and cooling systems

  • Inspection of air conditioning units

  • Testing of fire sprinkler systems

  • Water consumption monitoring

7) Pharmaceutical:

  • Feed and waste water metering during membrane processes

  • Measurement of supplied raw water to pretreatment facilities

  • Recycle and recovery flow rate metering on RO systems

  • Feed water metering for softening and deionization units

  • Backwash flow rate measurements

8)Petrochemical :

  • High concentration sulphuric acid measurements

  • Permanent metering of formaldehyde plants

  • Concentration measurement on acids

  • Effluent treatment plant metering

  • Metering of hydrocarbon flows

  • Condensate metering

9) Semiconductors and electronics industry:

  • Measurement of precipitants, reducing and replacement agents

  • Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification

  • Measurement of waste water discharges

  • Monitoring of hydrofluoric acid systems

  • Ligands / complexing agents metering

  • Metering of board rinsing systems

  • Ultrapure water measurement


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