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A Brief Introduction

Testing equipments occupy paramount importance in every industrial process as they assess the performance level of each machine and analyze their capacities. Every plant looks for a range of highly accurate and reliable instruments like Handheld Infrared Thermometers, Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras, etc that are capable of providing authentic findings and results.

Sourced from the renowned companies worldwide, we, at iAdept Marketing, provide best quality state-of-art of condition monitoring and human technology instruments.

Know Us

Established in the year 2002, we have gradually attained a reputed name in the industry and have expanded / diversified in operations. We specialize in offering testing instruments that can efficiently monitor the health of your machinery thereby ensuring optimal performance and productivity. We are a reliable supplier of Vibration Meters, Handheld Infrared Thermometers, Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras, Balancers, Analyzers, Data Collectors, Oil Analyzers & Debris Classifiers, Sound Level Meters And Analyzers, Vibration Monitoring Devices, Diesel Engine Analyzer, Condition Monitoring Software, etc. Our products are supplied to Govt. & Private Sectors, alike.

Having gained the requisite experience and expertise in our domain, we have now diversified into Environmental Condition Monitoring & Carbon Neutrality Domains.

In the Services segment, we are the only company in India providing Environmental Vibration Monitoring services conforming to International Standards. Our other specialized services include Sound / Noise / Vibrations Monitoring & analysis, Thermography and related training. We also Undertake Repair & Calibration of equipment supplied by us. We are expanding to provide services for Carbon Emmission Management & Energy Audit.

Our Chief Associates are established names from across the globe viz. UK, USA, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, etc. We believe in ensuring customer satisfaction through immaculate quality, timely delivery, efficient services & training, competitive prices and excellent after sales services.

Product Range

Our gamut of condition monitoring and advanced tech instruments comprises of:

  • Vibration Monitoring Devices: Vibration meters, laser vibrometers, vibration analyzers, vibration data collectors, field balancers, vibration monitoring and protection systems, vibration data collection software, multichannel portable vibration analyzers, PDA based vibration data collectors, wireless vibration monitoring systems, dynamic balancers, etc.
  • Data Collectors
  • Vibration Monitoring and Protection Systems
  • Automated Data Collection Software: Route data collection software, advance vibration analysis software, mode shape analysis software, asset management software, vibration diagnostics software, etc.
  • Bearing Condition Monitoring Instruments: Bearing testers, bearing condition monitors and lifeguards, bearing expert software, etc.
  • Sound and Noise Monitoring Devices: Sound, noise, and dB level meter; sound analyzers, multi channel octave analyzers, wireless noise monitors, etc.
  • Environmental Vibration & Noise Meters
  • Diesel Engine Analyzer and diesel diagnosis instrument
  • Hand-held Infrared Thermometers
  • Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Shaft Alignment Systems: Pulley alignment systems, alignment combo with vibration, etc.
  • Other Condition Monitoring Instruments: Valve alerts for reciprocating machines, wear debris analyzers, acoustic analyzers, ultrasonic inspection and leak detection systems, etc.
  • Human Technology Instruments: Human face / head / whole body 3d scanners, eye movement recorders, hand arm & whole body vibration analyzers, EMGs, etc.
Services We Offer
  • Environmental Vibration and Noise Monitoring
  • Repair and Reconditioning of Equipment supplied by us
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.
Quality Excellence

We religiously follow hardcore professionalism in all spheres of our activities to deliver the world's most proven products and top-of-line services at competitive prices to our clients. Quality of products and services is of prime importance at iAdept Marketing.

The sourcing team of ours thoroughly examines the credentials as well as technical qualification of all products before they are being sourced. Equal caution is paid by our sales associates who tactfully assess the applications of all customers before suggesting the befitting variety and model of the instrument best suitable to client demands. We also monitor the rising needs of customers, by providing them solutions, which are technologically advanced at the right stage.

Our Esteemed Clients

With a motive to set up long term relationship with our customers via transparent business dealings and correlative cooperation, we have attained the faith of a number of customers in India and overseas. Few of our regular customers include Major Auto Ancillaries, Cement / Steel Majors, NTPCs, National Level Educational Institutes, Shipping Giants, Defense Services, Environmental Consultants, Condition Monitoring and others.

Total Customer Satisfaction

We always prefer to get clear insight in market sentiment and dynamism, besides keeping a tab on the development in technology in order to supply and export the top quality of Vibration Analyzers. We give due attention to the suggestion and feedback in order to overcome the concerns to facilitate our dealing in terms of supply and services for producing completely satisfied clients.

Our Edge
  • Customer-centric company
  • Customized solutions
  • Creative problem solving techniques
  • Cost optimization as key to our operations
  • Consistent 24-hour x 7 days support
  • Excellent after sales services
  • A well coordinated distribution network in India and overseas.

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